Tin Soldiers

Chapter 15:Boot Camp
by Kracken


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Warning:Male/male sex, graphic, language, violence.

Tin Soldiers

Boot Camp

"It's impossible," one of the trainees growled as he stared up at the flat wall on the training course. "No one can scale that without equipment."

"What's this for?" another asked as he leaned to look at a series of poles and flat planes, with very narrow indentations, that rose higher than the first wall.


"This trainees, " I said with more patience than they freakin' deserved, "is Duo Maxwell's patented obstacle course. Nobody but me and Heero have ever been on it, because I just had them build it for me yesterday. I've watched the other agents trying to run it all morning and no one has completed the course. You are going to show them how it's done by the end of the day."

The men looked at each other skeptically. Of course they didn't believe me, but one had the balls to ask, "You will be demonstrating, sir?"

I smiled, but it was edgy and it made them nervous. Behind me, Heero glared, backing me up as I replied, "This is also a test. I want to see which of you has the brains to figure it out. I'm going to stand by to rescue you, if you need it, but, otherwise, you're on your own. Do it by yourself or with the help of the others. I don't care which."

I stepped back with Heero and we watched the men exchange glances again. They were all sporting red spots, marks from the stinging paint balls I had used on them when I had, yet again, surprised them in the commissary. They had responded a great deal better than the last time, I'll give them that, but some of them had still been 'killed'.

"You look good in those tight fatigues," Heero muttered, looking down at my ass.

"Mind on the course, Captain," I growled."Time for that latter."

"Promise?" Heero said wistfully and I gave him a look. God, he was sexy when he wasn't even half trying. I knew he was bored. Like me, he'd rather be heading another mission, instead of nursing morons through a course we could have completed in record time in our teens.

The men struggled. A few tried the course alone. Those that were left, tried to figure out a way to do it together. They were on the right track, but they weren't utilizing their numbers successfully. None of them were passing the high wall and only one made it halfway up the poles and ledges, thinking that he could use that vantage to vault to the top of the high wall. Interesting approach, I had to admit, but still wrong.

Bruises, scratches, and an near concussion later, they gave up. I sighed as I looked at the panting and sweating group. "Should I put them out of their misery?" I asked Heero.

He looked them over. "I suppose, though they won't get that kind of break in the field."

"Then I should make it painful?"


I nodded and we stepped forward. Hands on hips, I glared and said, "I've seen diapered babies with more strength than you lot! I've seen women in high heels and party dresses show more ability. I've seen single celled organisms with more brains! This course is not hard!"

"Sir?" Tamil was a big bull of a man with his dark hair pulled back in a pony tail that was just shy of regulation. I'd already stuck him in my mental file as rear guard and general grunt man. He would thoroughly hate me by the time I turned him over to his mission captain. Things would be a lot easier if he proved to be a jerk and deserving of what I was going to dish out, and he didn't disappoint. "Is this some sort of psychological test? This course is impossible to complete. I think you're enjoying making fools out of us."

Heero was bigger than me, and a hell of a lot stronger, and he couldn't help a protective streak when it came to me... but, hell, yeah I could bust Tamil's butt and hand it to him deep fried, so I didn't want Heero getting defensive on my behalf. I snickered and went toe to toe with Tamil. Okay, so I was looking at the guy's left nipple, but I could be intimidating anyway. I was very good at the 'You're a dead man' glare.

"Want a demo?" I asked. What better way to take a guy down a hundred notches than by showing off?

Heero sighed, since we both had a scheduled course run later that day with the 'grown up' agents, but I knew he would follow my lead.

"Yes, sir, Captain Maxwell, " Tamil replied, thinking he was calling my bluff.

"Stand with your back flush against the wall," I ordered Tamil. Of course he was surprised. I was enjoying this. "Leg up, Tamil," I ordered and Heero rushed him.

Tamil cupped his hands just in time as Heero jammed a boot into it expertly and climbed up onto Tamil's shoulders. He was still a long way from the top. The men were eying the distance and looking annoyed, wondering if Tamil wasn't right about me playing head games with them.

Heero leaned into the wall, knees bent, and held down a hand.

"Leg up," I ordered Tamil again and rushed him myself. He slung me upwards and Heero caught me in his unbreakable grip. I climbed up his body to stand on his shoulders facing the wall. We were still short. Heero remedied that by allowing me to stand on his hands. Muscles tensing, he lifted me up further and I leapt from his hands to a point where I could grasp the top of the wall. I climbed on top and reached down for Heero. Draping my body backwards, I had the anchor I needed to let him climb me. Once he was anchored, I went face down with his body bracing my lower body.

Tamil frowned at me. "You can't pull me up," he decided.

"No shit!" I retorted. "Send the next man up."

"But..." Tamil was confused.

"Sometimes, you gotta sacrifice. If this were a mission, you'd stay behind," I told him. "You have to learn that not every man makes it and not every man can get through every obstacle. You people made the mistake of either hotdogging it alone, or wanting every man to make it."

I pulled everyone, except for two, over the wall. Pretty good for that maneuver. The poles and ledges were my specialty. Heero stepped back. He could do it, but he knew that I wanted to be the star. He's great at stroking my ego.... yeah, and stroking other things of mine too.

I flexed my fingers and kicked off my boots. I climbed the wall, using every lip and bump, and swinging and climbing on every pole. At one point, I had to hang by fingertips for a long minute while I tried to find purchase with one of my big toes.

"Always be anchored on three points before you reach for a fourth," I called down to them. "Unless you can't. " I was suddenly in mid air and letting myself fly to a pole. I swung around it expertly and used the momentum to reach a ledge hold. "Learn that no rule is set in stone and the obvious course is sometimes the worst."

I finished the wall and dropped back down. I didn't expect to hear a round of applause or have sudden converts to the Maxwell fan club. I'd shown these guys up and their pride was in the toilet. The sullen looks were only alleviated by communication guy's look of respect.

"Now, you're all going to finish this course before nightfall," I ordered sharply. "Get to it."

They did all right, barely. Groaning, exhausted, and probably hating my guts, they crawled back to their barracks and Heero and I went back to our quarters.

I only managed to get my shirt off. Sweaty myself, and needing a shower, I wasn't prepared for my front half to get shoved down onto the bed. Ass in the air and Heero making a sexy growl of lust behind me, I sighed as he unbuckled and pulled down my pants.

There's something primal about that position; a sense of surrender to it and a giving over of control that never fails to get me hard. Heero's hands were big and firm and oh, so good, when they kneaded and grabbed me by the hips. He bumped against my backside and I felt his hard on, freed of his own pants and needing me.

"I've spent all day looking at your ass in those tight pants," Heero breathed. "Wants some... now." I heard the cap of the lube pop open and knew that he was slicking himself.

I was instantly rock hard. I loved when he got bossy. After being 'Sir' and being bad ass Maxwell all day, it was nice to have him order me around... though I wouldn't let him get too used to it. I didn't need a lot of prep, we were pretty damn regular in bed, and sometimes, like my kink for bossy Heero, I like it a little rough. My shoving back onto him when he was trying to go slow and careful, let him know that I was in 'that mood' and he was eager to let me have it.

I could get a little embarrassed here. We went at it like cats in heat, a lot of noise and a lot of clawing and humping madly, but damn! It felt good to just let loose and forget what the neighbors might think. We had a lot of tension and frustration from the day to work off anyway and I couldn't think of anything better. Having that thick, hard erection of Heero's slamming up into me, over and over, and having his strong body arched over my back as he panted and groaned, was a patented aphrodisiac. I couldn't get enough. My body, though, had it's limits. I came all over the blankets in a hot spurt. Heero pulled me back onto him, knees bent and holding my lower body off of the floor, impaled, as he shoved up into my body and came as deeply and as completely as he could manage.

When Heero pulled out, he slapped his erection on my ass, chuckling, and then walked with an arrogant, 'job well done', stride into the shower, leaving me dripping and with a sore ass. Bastard, I thought lovingly, and then laughed as I flopped back onto the bed. The trainees were lucky. I was going to be in a lot better mood the next day.

Have I told you that lovers and married couples are not supposed to work together? Heero and I usually headed up different teams during an operation and commanded different groups for training exercises. Quatre had decided to wave all of that aside for this group. They needed what we both had to teach too much to worry about regulations. Well, maybe we were ready to forget that little rule, but our trainees weren't, and they had executed, flawlessly, their own brand of revenge.

Heero and I arrived at the training center and knew that something was up instantly. If the embarrassed faces of the people there, the disgusted snorts, and a few brave insults and outrage, weren't enough, the pictures of Heero and I doing the dirty tango, copied and pasted at every point in the building would have.

You don't show fear. Rule number... uhm... five... or three... whatever. You just don't. I cooly took down a lurid pic of Heero pounding my ass, raised an eyebrow, and commented loudly, "Look dear, your best side."

"Your best position," Heero returned with a smirk and went along as he took down another showing the graphic blow job that I had given him later that night, and added, "I like this one. I think I'll put it in the scrapbook."

I chuckled and was proud that it wasn't strained as I turned to a janitor, who already had a sheaf full of pics that he'd been hurriedly pulling down, and said, "You might want to take all of those down to my fan club. It seems they can't get enough of me at work. Tell them I expect twenty laps through the obstacle course and a ten mile jog after they get done admiring their work."

The janitor grunted and nodded as he began making a neater pile of the photos.

When we reached our office, piled with training equipment and schedules, I sat down at my desk and filled in a sheet listing the exercises I'd just ordered. I was mortified, of course. If you can find anyone who wouldn't be buying tickets to Borneo right about now, let me have his name. I'll bronze him.

Heero's hand closed on mine and he took the pencil from it. "Status?"

"Shitty and embarrassed as hell," I replied tightly, not looking at him, but following the progress of an ant across my desk that had managed to infiltrate the building somehow. "You?"

"Same." Heero crouched by my side, grabbed my chin, and made me look at him. He kissed me, short and hard, just to let me know that we were a team and we'd be sharing this, like everything else, together.

"Let Quatre explain," Heero told me. "We don't need to say anything."

"Yeah," I agreed and then firmed my chin, giving him the old Maxwell 'F you' grin. "It's not like I'm ashamed about us and my expertise at blow jobs."

"I'm not ashamed of us either," Heero replied, "Or my ability to ride you like a-"

I put a hand over his mouth, still grinning and blushing just a little. "You're making me hard, stop it."

Heero gave my hand a nip and pulled back as he replied, "That's better than embarrassed."

"Much better," I agreed as I picked up a pencil and made a note.

"What's that?" Heero asked as I tore it off the pad and pasted it to my computer screen.

"A note to buy better curtains," I dead panned and managed to laugh. Yeah, they'd gotten us good, but they had managed to pull one over on two Gundam pilots. That meant that they had the right stuff, they just had to use that skill for good instead of in the pursuit of easy porn and payback.

I stood up and went over to the bullet proof glass over looking the training field. My trainees were standing in a group, probably celebrating and preparing themselves for our brand of payback. We couldn't stoop so low, though. Punishment would be by the book. You didn't reprimand a child by acting like a child... even though I wanted to very badly. I could think of a dozen very heinous, yet funny, paybacks just off the top of my head.

"You're looking very Shinigami," Heero commented, coming to stand by the window with me.

"You're not going to stop me from thinking bad thoughts, are you?" I sighed in mock irritation.

"No, because I'm thinking them too," Heero told me with a chuckle. "I will bet you that mine are far more evil."

"I doubt that," I countered. "I'm thinking about tying toe tags on them, giving them knock out gas, and calling the coroner. I'd call before the actual autopsy, of course."

"Of course," Heero nodded, as if he firmly believed that.

"You?" I prodded.

"Firing range," Heero replied. "I'd like to order them to pick up all the spent casings and then arrange for target practice with blanks. I think it would be interesting to see how many would react by peeing their pants."

"Well," I snickered, "We know at least one who would."

We were silent. The janitor appeared on the course and handed one of our trainees the photos. I saw astonishment, angry gestures, and the janitor shrugging before walking away. The trainees talked heatedly among themselves and then began running the course.

"Ring leader?" Heero wondered.

"Do I have to tell you?" I countered, rolling my eyes at him.

"Tamil," Heero replied grimly.

"You got it," I sighed. "Now we have to show him who's boss. Either he learns or he breaks."






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