Tin Soldiers

Chapter 14:Real Estate
by Kracken


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Warning: male/male sex, graphic, language, violence.

Tin Soldiers

Real Estate

"Did... you... ever... think... that... I... would... be... sucking on... your.. tit... one day... baby?" I said in between swirling my tongue over Heero's erect nipple.

Heero giggled. I started. We've been together for a bit now, but I had never heard iron man make a noise like that before. Looking down at him, his hard body was stretched out beneath me on the bed, shorts peeled open and shirt opened from neck to navel like an offering to God Duo... okay, so I'm not modest, okay?

"Did you just giggle?" I wondered in disbelief, but Heero had his lips pressed tightly together, stubbornly refusing to admit to anything. Experimentally, I swirled my tongue over Heero's nipple again. Heero couldn't quite stifle the giggle. "You did!" I exclaimed in triumph. "Heero Yuy giggled."

Heero tried to make a stern face, one he'd probably shown to Oz interrogators. He never gives up. "I did not."

I eyed him and decided that he wasn't going to win this one. "You're ticklish."

"No, I'm..." Heero began to insist and then giggled again, helplessly, as I flicked a tongue over his nipple once more.

"Yes, you are!" I laughed and then lay full length on Heero, my hand slipping into Heero's shorts. "I have you in my power now, Yuy!"

Heero groaned as I stroked what I'd found, but he managed to reply, "Yes, you do, as long as you keep doing that."

"No," I said and couldn't help an evil grin. "I know your weakness..." I nuzzled Heero's throat and teased, "Heero Yuy is ticklish."

"What will you do with your power?" Heero breathed as his hands found the snap of my shorts and popped it open.

"Rule the world," I whispered in his ear and bit the lobe. "Or at least the bedroom."

"Your entire home, you mean?" Heero said.

I chuckled, knowing what he was talking about. "My bedroom is part of the living room, which is part of the kitchen, so yeah."

"We need to look for a home again," Heero complained as he slid the shorts down over my rounded ass, and cupped it with his big hands, as he added, "I don't like going between one place and the next... and your neighbors are damned nosy."

"You mean Dinkins?" I wondered. "He's harmless..."

"They're all harmless," Heero complained as he slid a finger between my thighs and found my entrance. He teased there expertly and I couldn't help gasping and biting my lip at the intense sensation.. "Until they interrupt us. They are always coming here."

"That's what friends do, " I moaned and let myself go limp on top of Heero, knowing what came next and eager for it, as his arm went wide and his hand reached for a drawer in the side table.

"Make themselves a nuisance?" Heero wondered as his hand searched in the drawer.

"Visit," I retorted as I impatiently reached out and tried to help him. We were on the edge of a narrow bed. Does it take a genius to know what happens when two people are eager to find something that's just out of reach?

We hit the floor in a tangle, clothes half off of us both. The air was knocked out of me as Heero landed on top. As if on cue, there was a knock on the door at that exact instant. Heero is a soldier through and through. He was startled by the fall and startled by the noise. An elbow hit me in the face, and I saw stars, as his knee went into my gut as he rolled violently, came to his feet, and yanked his gun out of it's holster on the side table.

Gasping for air and in pain, I curled up on the floor while he realized what an idiot he'd just been. "Duo! I'm sorry, I-!" he began to kneel by me but there was a more insistent knock on the door. You would think that Heero would be brighter, but no. I barely had time to yank up my pants before he was striding to the door an opening it.

"Come back later!" Heero shouted at whoever was there and then said in a startled voice, "Quatre!"

"Heero?" Quatre said in confusion and then saw past Heero to where I was on the floor, clutching my stomach, and sporting a new red mark on my face. You have to know that Quatre is my best friend. He reacted like any best friend would. "You bastard!" His fist lashed out and Heero was laid out flat.

"Shit!" I gasped and rolled to my feet with an effort.

Stumbling towards Heero, I could see Heero's confusion as he rubbed his jaw and stared up with wide eyes at a furious Quatre. Quatre was standing over him, hands balled into fists and threatening Heero with another punch.

"Quatre!" I managed as I grabbed his arm.

"Get the hell out Heero, before I call my security in here," Quatre warned.

"Winner!" I finally forced past the pain in my gut. He looked at me, startled. "I can freakin' well defend myself.... but... thanks. " I found a weak grin, trying to convince him that I was all right. "Heero... was being less... than graceful... that's all," I panted.

"We fell off of the bed," Heero admitted cautiously."Your knock startled me."

"Startling Heero is not... a good thing," I added sourly and rubbed at my gut. Since Quatre was looking embarrassed and contrite now, I thought it was safe to sit down in a chair and get my air back into my lungs.

"I..." Quatre made a visible effort to relax. "I apologize. I should have known better."

"Yeah?" I wondered. "Why would that be? We're dysfunctional, ex terrorist, black ops agents. It's not much of a stretch to imagine us getting a few punches in. You should know that I can beat the crap out of Heero too, though, and that he's not going to be looking as fresh as a daisy if he tries to use me as his punching bag."

"I wasn't thinking very clearly," Quatre said as he ran fingers through his bangs to straighten them. He found a chair and sat down as well, looking as if he was having a hard time with his heart rate.

Heero finally stood up. "You have a very hard punch," he said as he gingerly touched the growing bruise on his jaw.

"He's all knuckles on the ends of those skinny arms," I laughed.

Quatre didn't join in. He was nervous and I knew that he was wondering about Heero's temper. I didn't blame him. Maybe I could get a few punches in on my iron man, but that would be right before he crushed me into paste. Heero was understanding, though, and having little Quatre Winner set him on his ass was probably one for the books in his estimation. That deserved a bit of respect. I could see him contemplating stepping up his agent exercise routines and wondering if he was somehow getting soft.

"Why don't we forget everything that just happened," I suggested as I checked the snap on my shorts, "and pretend that we just woke up after a wonderful, restful night. Heero and me were having a really good cup of coffee, right when you knocked on the door, Quatre. Now." I smiled at him as he and Heero stared back at me in confusion. "It's nice to see you, Quatre."

"Have you offered me tea yet?" Quatre wondered irritably, clearly not ready to simply forget what he had just done to Heero, "or did I already drink a cup and tell you how good it was?"

"Ha, ha," I retorted, deciding that tea was probably in order to calm Quatre down. As I moved to make it, I warned him, "If I were you, I'd play along. Heero might decide on some payback for that sock to the jaw."

Heero snorted in amusement when Quatre eyed him nervously. "It's all right," he assured Quatre. "I understand why you did it. Duo has a good friend."

"He's your friend too," I reminded him.

"Yes, I am," Quatre affirmed, and it sounded very formal. I knew that he meant it and that it was another apology as well.

Changing the subject seemed the best way to go. In case you didn't realize it, I'm good at that. I've been clocked at fifty subjects a minute by some rather bored fellow agents. This subject was obvious, though, and didn't take much thought.

"So, what brings you to my little bungalow?"

The quiet stretched and I let it. You couldn't hurry Quatre. There were forms of politeness he never rushed or skipped. I gave him his tea and handed one to Heero. I don't drink tea, I prefer coffee, so I sat and watched Quatre take a few sips.

Finally, he gathered himself visibly and said to his cup of tea, not Heero or me, "I have a job for you."

"Do you think your tea is up to it?" I wondered with a snort.

"I never thought that I would be passed over for a cup of Earl Gray," Heero murmured over the rim of his own cup of tea. A joke from Heero. I couldn't help spiking the joke back over the conversational net.

"Quatre did knock you flat," I snickered. "The tea might be more qualified."

Heero looked annoyed, but he wasn't out yet. "I didn't hear Quatre ask you to take on the mission. The tea must be more qualified than either of us."

Quatre finally broke in, worried, "I know I deserve that, but Heero, are you really all right?"

Heero nodded, sobering. "It's only a bruise. Duo and I are both ready for action, Quatre. It will take more than a punch to incapacitate me."

Quatre took another sip of tea and then told them in the tone of a commander, "I need you both to relocate to Logan Base. I have five field agents that need training in several, specific areas. You will receive your orders on site."

"On site?" I perked up. We'd been running pretty boring scouting and infiltration missions. I knew that both Heero and I were ready for something different. "That's means top secret, right?"

Quatre nodded and Heero asked, "Will we be part of the mission, or trainers only?"

"Trainers only," Quatre replied and then stood up. He put aside his tea and straightened his tie. I noticed that his knuckles were raw from hitting Heero. "I can't tell you anything more."

I looked at Heero and saw the gleam in his eye that probably matched the one in my own. I grinned at Quatre. "When do we go?"

Quatre looked relieved and I wondered why he thought that we would say no. Maybe the punch? Maybe not. Maybe it was his own conscience hoping we would? That made me wonder about the mission. Why so worried about a simple training stint?

"Tomorrow," Quatre replied and he was standing straight, as if he were delivering bad news. "The jump ship will be ready on the tarmac at dawn."

I grinned at Heero. "Saddle up, Captain."

I strode towards the tight knot of men in gray fatigues, pulled out my gun, and began firing. The men only had time for sharp gasps before they were all peppered with large red marks. Clutching at their 'wounds' in horror, it was a full second before it registered that they weren't actually hurt. Okay, so I'm a cruel bastard sometimes.

"You're all dead," I told them in a loud, commanding voice as I stood before them and emptied out the spent paint bullet magazine onto the ground. Heero stood behind me, frowning darkly. "Never stand all together like that, " I lectured. "Easy target. Hampers your response time."

"S-Sir? W-What?" a man stammered, shaking with shock and sporting a dripping red splotch of paint at the center of his forehead. I think he'd actually peed his pants. Couldn't really blame him. Having a water cooler session with your buddies, and then suddenly kissing death, can make a man a little unnerved in the bladder department

"Yes, 'Special Agent Dead Meat'?" I ground out as I slapped another clip into my gun. I loved the sound it made, so very deadly and lovely. I pointed the barrel at the man's head again. "You don't learn, do you? You're dead again. As far as you know, I'm some crazy trying to kill agents. Why is my ass not on the ground? Why are you all still standing around?" I glared at them and then sighed when they continued to stand and stare. I barked, "You... what's your expertise?" jabbing a finger at a man with a red spot over the main artery of his heart.

"Weapons, sir," the man replied uncertainly.

"And you?" I pointed at another man with a spot of red over his throat. Damn, I could shoot good. It was hard to keep from grinning, Shinigami enjoying every second.

"Communications," the man was barely able to get out in his nervousness.

"Weapons, can you operate communications?" Heero demanded.

"Uh, n-no, sir," the weapons man stammered.

Heero pulled out a gun and clicked an empty chamber at the communications man. "You've just lost your communications. Your mission has been compromised." He looked them all over. That dark blue glare made shivers go down my spine. It was obvious that it was scaring them to death "Best course of action?"

"Return to base for further orders," a man replied promptly. Got to give him credit, at least for bravery.

"Wrong," I sighed. "You formulate a new plan, one that doesn't require communications."

I exchanged a look with Heero. "Green academy boys," I said in dismay. "No wonder Quatre wouldn't give us any details. He knew we wouldn't want to change diapers."

"We could pull out," Heero suggested and smiled, knowing me too well. I rolled his eyes at him in exasperation.

"As if that was an option," I groaned.

"Suggestions then?" Heero wondered.

"Potty train them," I replied. "At least they didn't run. There's some hope for them."

Heero nodded, but his look made me feel sorry for Quatre. There was going to be words with the Winner heir later. Right now, we had to forget how pissed we were and concentrate on the men.

"I want everyone on the training field in fifteen minutes!" I barked. I gave weapons a disgusted once over before turning my back on him. "Change your pants before you do, agent."





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