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7/24/19 update : Sorry for the late entry for Black Dog Blues,

but my son was in a bad accident. He is all right, but lots

of paperwork and replacing of vehicles. I took a gallbladder

function test and I'm still waiting on those results.

Lots of stomach upset and extreme fatigue. We decided

to get away from it all and spent a week on the beach.

It was a fantastic breather.


Update: I have developed life threatening varicies, cysts in one kidney,

and a gall stone. A liver transplant won't cure

bad veins at this point. My exhaustion, digestive problems,

etc, are increasing. Prognosis isn't good. I will continue to write

and do my art as long as possible though.


I've been struggling mentally

and physically with a disease that has made me unstable

in the past (auto-immune hepatitis and a form of Lupus). I didn't discover it until

it was almost too late. Please forgive my past erratic and bizarre behavior. Now that

I have it firmly under control I feel energized, balanced, and creative. I have

rediscovered my love for this fandom and the amazing people in it. I feel saddened that

I alienated myself from it and you for so long. I am continuing with my artistic endeavors

in acrylic paint on canvas. I sell commissions (though few and far between). They help me

support my severely autistic daughter and a son in college. (I remember them sleeping in my lap

as babies when I first began writing GW) Since my mundane job is becoming almost impossible to do,

I will soon be unemployed and hopefully traveling the country (hobo in an RV style). I'll be

getting more dimension to my writing through experience. With the passing of the

incredible Sunhawk, I feel time getting short. Fame seems insubstantial and unimportant.

I'd rather spend my remaining years doing what I love. I hope you enjoy my creative

efforts and re-energize the fandom..............GW forever.


Any comments, broken link reports, or requests, please email kracken@bonpublishing.com

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