Tin Soldiers

Chapter 18:Epilogue Two
by Kracken



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Warning: Male/male sex, graphic, language, violence.


"You lied," I accused as I adjusted my dark sunglasses and made myself more comfortable in my beach chair. Dressed in beach shorts without a top, my gold cross was stark against my tan. My long hair was loose and drying all around me, making everyone complain about it getting in their way. Too bad. I had already gone one round with beach sand and salt and lost miserably. I wasn't going to make the same mistake.

Seated cross legged, and lying back against Trowa, Quatre grimaced. "I didn't lie," he protested. "I know that you both don't enjoy working missions with green troops, so I simply never informed you that you would be their commanding officers."

"That's called a lie," Trowa chuckled into Quatre's bright hair.

The beach was almost empty, a white expanse of sand, dotted with palm trees, a picture perfect backdrop for our small beach party. The water was calm and blue and the sky was full of white clouds and drifting seagulls. Paradise, and it was almost all ours.

"They did well," Wu Fei said as he rubbed sun block on a slim arm. "I think Quatre made wise decisions."

"I think he could have been straight with us from the beginning," I grumbled as I took a can of beer from Heero and popped it open. Wu Fei the ass kisser, I thought, but that was just my anger talking.

Heero closed the cooler and rested one arm on it. "Consider," he said thoughtfully, "how we would have trained them if we had known that we were going to be their commanders."

"You would have gone easy on them," Quatre replied, eager for the chance to give his subterfuge credibility. "You would have relied on your skill, not theirs, to complete the mission."

I thought that over behind the cover of my sunglasses as I nursed my beer. Finally, I had to admit, "Okay, so you have a point. Still... we're friends. I want to trust you."

Quatre reached out and squeezed my arm. "I would never do anything that would cause you harm, Duo."

"No?" I pointed to my new stitches and at Heero's still darkly bruised fore head.

Wu Fei made a disgusted sound. "Those injuries were not Quatre's fault."

"Not technically," I replied with a scowl. "Okay, you didn't, but, next time, Quatre, tell us and let us make our own decisions about it."

Quatre bowed his head, contrite, but then his blue eyes were amused as he looked at something behind me. "I think we have admirers."

Ex Gundam pilots are twitchy. Everyone turned defensively to see a group of women settle not far from us. The women were eying us and smiling.

"Interested, Fei?" I asked.

Wu Fei glared at me. Lethal at twenty paces to anyone else, I was un-phased.

"Didn't think so," I snickered.

I knew a quick way to get our privacy back. I leaned over and kissed a smiling Heero deeply. His lips were firm and tasted like sea salt.

"Should we do that?" Quatre wondered, looking at Trowa nervously.

I broke the kiss and couldn't help laughing. "You both look gay already," I joked and then looked over at the women. They were gathering their things and quickly walking further down the beach.

Heero grabbed a handful of my wet hair and tugged me down for another kiss.

"They're gone," I chuckled. "You can stop now."

Heero reached up, hooked an arm around me, and made me leave my chair all together and sit in his lap. "I'm not doing it for them," Heero told me in that sexy tone of voice that always makes my toes curl.

Trowa smiled as we sank down onto Heero's blanket and kept kissing. I saw him wrap arms around Quatre and kiss his cheek. Quatre blushed and pressed more firmly back to nestle against Trowa's chest.

Wu Fei eyed us all and then made a grumbling sound as he put on his sunglasses. He stretched out on his blanket, sighed contentedly, and then said absently, "So, Quatre, when is the next training session?"

I blinked in confusion and eyed him as I levered myself up and out of Heero's arms. "Is that all you think about, Fei, or is this just a way to get back at us for being couples?"

Wu Fei sniffed. "I would be a fool to feel destructive envy for your good fortune. " He smiled. "I do have my own prospects, after all."

I snickered, guessing at least one of those prospects. "Sally?"

"That doesn't concern you," Wu Fe shot back defensively.

"Okay, okay!" I said as I pulled another beer out of the cooler. Popping the top, I gestured at Fei with it. "Still, sun, fun, and cool water, and all you can think about is going on to the next mission?"

Wu Fei's smile was self satisfied as he replied, "It's what I enjoy, what I live for."

Heero touched his bruised head. "Remember our talk about the Sank Kingdom, Quatre?"

"That was a long time ago," Quatre laughed.

"We decided that a soldier needed a place to live in peace when he wasn't fighting," Heero reminded him.

Quatre smiled wistfully. "I remember."

"This is our place... for the moment," Heero said as he leaned back on his arms and looked out at the ocean. "When we heal and we've rested, we'll go out to fight again."

I said, not liking all the heavy talk and wanting to lighten the mood, "Which means, in Heero speak, 'Relax, Fei, and stop worrying about tomorrow.' Enjoy yourself."

Wu Fei settled on his blanket and grumbled, "I was enjoying myself, in the midst of battle."

I pulled out my cell phone. Enough was enough.

"Who are you calling?" Heero wondered.

"Sally," I told him . "She has to come here and save Wu Fei from himself. A few tranquilizers, and a nice looking woman to rub suntan lotion on, and he'll learn a whole new way to have fun."

"Maxwell," Wu Fei growled in warning.

I relented as I put away my phone, but I was incredulous too. "You really would rather be back training greens?"

"Yes," Wu Fei replied irritably.

"There's your man, Quatre," I told him. "He loves training recruits and they fear him."

Quatre looked nervous. "Maybe too much?"

I laughed, "No! A good dose of healthy fear is always required in every green. That was our problem, Quatre, they weren't afraid of Heero or me as much as they needed to be. It made things ten times as hard. Leave the serious mission to us and let Wu Fei and his recruits train on the easier things."

Quatre looked thoughtful and then agreed. "All right, I'll try it... If this is what you really want, Chang?"

Everyone looked at Wu Fei. He was very quiet and then he replied, "Yes."

I finished off my beer and then stretched out along side Heero again. Half turning, I looked into his deep blue eyes. "Well?" I said, "We have our beach house back. Is that okay with you?"

Heero frowned, "No," he replied.

I started, feeling every insecurity come forward, front and center. "No?" I echoed.

"We both have beach apartments," Heero told me firmly. "We are still looking for our beach house."

I grinned, understanding, and I relaxed my death grip on him. "Then let's hurry up and find our place in the sun," I said and leaned forward to seize a kiss.




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