Crossing Paths Arc: Part 32

Part 32: Satellite
by Kracken


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Warning:Male/male sex, graphic, language, attempted NCS.

Crossing Paths
Sequel to Green Grass


"This satellite," Sally Po said as she pointed to a star map and a highlighted area on the board, Is very small and old. It used to be a mining operation, but it was set adrift on the far side of L4 when it became obsolete."

Duo made a face as he leaned back in his chair and looked at the report in his hand. "Bad air seals, damaged radiation dampers, shitty temperature controls... Hey, just like home!"

"L2?" Heero grunted as he looked at his own copy of the report. "You're exaggerating."

Duo rolled his eyes at his lover. "Barely. You didn't live there."

Sally cleared her throat and commanded their attention again. "The pirates have taken refuge there and they've been plaguing the shipping routes for several months. We thought that they were a small time operation, but, when we went in to arrest them, our scans discovered that the station is filled with war time ordinance."

"Beam cannons, leos, micro-cluster bombs,... shit! You have got to be kiddin' me!" Duo shook the paper at Sally. "Microwave, electrical field honing, missiles . They can fry a ship, and everything in it, in a nanosecond!"

Sally gave one nod and lifted an eyebrow. "You weren't hired for easy cases, Maxwell. Surely, you can see the importance of shutting these people down?"

"Yes," Heero replied grimly. "We'll take the case."

"We?!" Duo exclaimed, shocked. "What's this 'we' stuff? I've seen a microwave missile in action, Heero. What's left over is sort of like a flash barbecue and there isn't any defense."

Sally looked pained suddenly. "I've lost ten men to it, that's true. I won't lie and candy coat this mission. If these men decide to attack other satellites, though, or get it into their heads that they can threaten and seize power with these weapons, then many, many more people will die. They need to be stopped now."

Heero looked at Duo. Duo glared back. "It's suicide, Heero. You can't sneak up on a satellite. They'll know we're coming and blast us."

"Actually," Sally changed screens and a trajectory map was displayed, "if you are very skilled at piloting, and can cut through the gravitation interference, a fast ship can infiltrate before weapons can be readied. It does take a certain amount of time to power up a beam cannon and activate microwave missiles."

"And how many have died trying that?" Duo wondered acidly.

"No one," Sally replied stiffly. "It hasn't been tried yet. It takes a skill that none of my people posses. You two, however, do possess that level of skill, I believe."

"Why is it- so hard?" Duo demanded suspiciously. "Straight flying doesn't take a brain."

Sally changed screens yet again and a computer generated image of an old satellite appeared. She pointed to a damaged docking bay. "It's only at a fourth of capacity due to some structure collapse."

Duo stood and came close to the image, squinting. He glared and then turned to Heero. "You any good at flying through the hole in a needle, because that's what we'll be doing!"

Heero smiled. "I think you're the one who can pilot that well, Duo. You tell me whether it's doable or not."

Duo sighed in exasperation and looked at the image again, running calculations in his head. "I could do it...," he said at last.

"But will you?" Sally wanted to know.

Duo suddenly saw a plan in his head. He mentally ran the scenario through. It was doable, but the consequences of getting it wrong would be ugly and quick. He could almost feel Heero's eyes boring into him, his sense of duty so strong it was thick in the air. He had a feeling that, if he insisted on refusing the job, that Heero would go it alone. Silently cursing the man profusely, he turned to Sally and asked, "When do we start?" Heero's sigh of relief was clearly audible.
"I need to know this ship inside and out," Duo complained as Heero took his hand and tried to pull him away from his work.

"You already do," Heero told him. "Now you need to be with me. We won't have time after tomorrow. We'll need to do intense simulations and-"

Duo shook a wrench at Heero in irritation, "Look, Mr. Libido, I'm not in the mood... Whatever happened to Mr. Anal-Yuy?"

Heero smirked. "If you want to, I can be that for you?"

Duo's wrench drooped and his mouth hung open, but then he closed it with a snap. "I know what you're trying to do and it won't work. "

Heero's hand caressed Duo's hard on through his work pants. "No?"

"Heero...," but it was more of a moan than a complaint from Duo.

Heero was logical. "This is a simple, two man, shuttle. You can fly it and fix it with your eyes closed, and you know it." His hands cupped Duo's small ass and kneaded.

There was something in Heero's voice that made Duo shake himself out of just 'feeling' and look at Heero hard. He saw a tightness in Heero's face. "What's wrong?"

Heero's hands stopped their erotic motions and simply pulled Duo against him, Duo's slim body melding to Heero's very muscular one. "There is time for us, right now. I want it Give it to me."

Duo almost complained about Heero's lack of confidence, but then didn't. He understood Heero. They loved danger. They loved the adrenaline rush. They wanted to do good in the universe. They also wanted each other. Heero was right. What was the saying? Live for today, because there might not be a tomorrow. Heero was reminding Duo of that. They couldn't afford to skip the time they had by indulging in mission butterflies.

Duo let Heero lead him away from his inspection, through the docking bay, and into their own ship. He didn't wait for the bedroom. Duo found his lips being devoured and his pants opened halfway down a corridor. Heero pulled out Duo's hard cock and began stroking it.

Duo made an incoherent sound and could only lean against the bulkhead wall as Heero kneeled and took him into the tight, moist warmth of his mouth. Heero worshiped him with his tongue, lapping and roughly stroking as if he couldn't get enough. He could take Duo whole and he took full advantage of that. When Heero let go suddenly and looked up at him, Duo groaned in protest.

"Do you have it?" Heero asked breathlessly and Duo knew what he was referring too. Heero had a penchant for spur of the moment sex and Duo had learned to keep himself prepared. He nodded dazedly and took a small packet of lube from his pocket.

Heero stood, ran hands up and down Duo's side , and then, with a long look that conveyed utter trust and a lust filled glint, Heero turned towards the wall and lowered his pants. Duo stood uncertainly, lube in one hand and wrench still held in the other.

"Heero," Duo began in confusion. Not too stupid to know what Heero was offering, but unsure of taking Heero for the first time right then and there. When Heero looked over his shoulder, giving him another, erotic and expectant look, Duo understood then and said in embarrassment, "Is this some kink of yours I didn't know about? You want me to... to take you like I'm your boss man?"

Heero smiled without replying and leaned his forehead against the bulkhead, his hands lifting up his shirt to reveal his rounded , firm ass. Duo thought of Chihuahuas and Rottweilers and couldn't help feeling a bit ridiculous as he opened the packet of lube and squeezed some out on his fingers. He leaned in close and touched Heero's entrance while he nibbled on Heero's shirt covered shoulder. As he slowly smeared on the lube, he couldn't help a shiver.

"Heero, are you sure..," Duo began, wondering at the reason for Heero's offer. Was he, once again, trying to reassure Duo's almost nonexistent self esteem?

"You're not my wife," Heero grumbled as he inched his hips back against Duo's slick fingers. "Why should you always be underneath me?"

"Can we NOT play these games?" Duo retorted, sure of his suspicions now. "You aren't exactly Mr. Subtle and you aren't fooling me one bit . Playing psychiatrist is stupid. I can handle my own shit. Maybe I don't feel like my body measures up, but it's still going to do what the hell I want it to and, right now, that includes this mission. So..." He tried to turn Heero. "If you want to cut out this crap, and nail me in our cabin, let's go."

"I love you," Heero said softly, refusing to turn. "I don't think I'm helping you, always wanting to be on top. Let's change that. I want to change that. Maybe I do like making love to you, but I like this too... I like it a lot, all right?"

"Then why haven't we done this before?" Duo asked accusingly.

Heero was silent. Duo snorted and pushed two fingers deeply into Heero. Heero stiffened and made a small sound of protest, perhaps hurt. "Thought so." Duo slipped those fingers in and out, feeling Heero loosen slowly, seeing when his tension eased. He looked... vulnerable. "Don't lie to me. You like being the man," Duo said. "I like that too. I like you taking me." Duo stilled his fingers and then let them slide out of Heero. "I love you. I love that you're willing to do this for me. I love you enough to say, no, and cut it out. I love you enough to know what you really want. It's what I want too."

Heero turned and looked deeply into his eyes. Heero claimed his lips hungrily and then broke the kiss, saying passionately, "You are beautiful. You are wonderful. You are skilled and capable. You are everything that I've always wanted. Believe that. Please, believe that and stop hurting yourself with these doubts." His voice was rough, serious, filled with all the strength and conviction that was Heero. It was hard not to believe him. Duo wanted to believe so badly.

"Fuck me," Duo gasped out passionately and locked lips with his lover again, wrapping arms about his neck and hanging in that embrace.

Heero's hands first caressed him and then became more urgent. Fingers worked at the snap of his jeans and then pushed the material down. Erections rubbed and warred with one another. Lube changed hands. Heero slipped fingers between Duo's ass cheeks and they entered him. Duo moved his hips and rode those fingers, forcing them deep and gasping at the sensation. Heero moaned into his mouth.

Strong hands turned Duo to the bulkhead. Facing each other, Heero's arms hooked under Duo's legs and lifted him up, pressing his back against the wall. Duo hung on, still claiming Heero's hot, sweet mouth as he felt the blunt head of Heero's cock shove against his slicked entrance. It pressed in, slow and deliberate, stretching, impaling, moving upwards inside of Duo until he hung, completely filled.

"Love you!" Duo gasped into Heero's mouth and then he broke away and looked into Heero's deep blue eyes fiercely. "This doesn't make me feel bad, Heero, this makes me feel like your lover and there's nothing better than that... nothing. I love you loving me." He bounced in Heero's grasp, making his body move up and down on that hot, hard, impaling rod.

Heero's eyes caught fire and he shoved forward, pressing Duo hard against the bulkhead as he began pumping in and out of Duo. His head tucked down and his dark hair tickled Duo's nose as he lost himself to passion.

Duo could have felt like a doll, manipulated and used by Heero's strength. He could have allowed himself to wallow in the background depression that always seemed to dog this perfect act between them, but he shoved it ruthlessly away from him and looked at them, really looked at their love making. Heero was strong, a compact body of rippling muscle and impossible strength, but, Duo thought, realizing it for the first time, he had a sort of power as well. Heero was overcome by his love and passion, but Duo was holding him, commanding him, and in control. He had turned Heero from something that he hadn't really wanted and was now directing him to do what they both wanted. It hadn't taken strength. Overpowering Heero hadn't been necessary. He did have his own kind of strength, and it didn't have anything to do with his body and its failings.

"Fuck me, Yuy!" Duo cried out and Heero did, lifting him and moving him up and down on his length like a piston, both of them lost to passion. Duo gripped him, fingers digging in to Heero's back and urging Heero on.

"God!" Heero suddenly shouted and he smasmed, hot come shooting into Duo, as he pushed upwards as deeply as he could, filling Duo with his body and his heat. Pulling at Duo roughly, Duo slid down, body curving and giving Heero access to his aching cock. Heero pumped it one handed while he continued to ram into Duo and support him with one arm. Duo came then, throwing his head back and groaning loudly, as if it were coming up from the bottom of his soul. He saw sparks and felt as if he were hyperventilating as he rode the overwhelming waves of sensation.

Heero suddenly pulled him away from the wall and Duo wrapped legs and arms around him as he carried them both into the cabin and to the shower. Heero's legs were shaky and they listed drunkenly, both of them panting. Once in the shower, Heero turned on the hot water and they sighed and groaned under the powerful spray. Lips met, hands quested. Heero throbbed inside of Duo.

"Wife," Duo snickered around a kiss. "I'm nobody's fucking 'wife' Heero." He bounced on Heero's cock, using the strength of his legs to undulate. "I may take you up on taking you, eventually, but when you REALLY want it, okay, and not before."

Heero made an incoherent sound against his neck, still lost to passion. His hands kneaded Duo's ass. Duo began to oblige him by riding his erection. Heero's hands helped him. The water poured over them , steaming and sizzling along their already heated skins.

I can do this, Duo thought, I just have to think another way. I have to stop going for the throat when I can only bite ankles. I have to use my head. I have to stop remembering Duo Maxwell, super human Gundam pilot, and be the whippy little street rat I was before my training. He was a touch little shit. He could get out of any scrap on the streets. I was proud of him. He survived and kicked ass long before he was handed a Gundam.

Duo grabbed a handful of Heero's hair, hard. Heero started and looked at him dazedly, water running over his face. He blinked through it as Duo brought his face very close. "I can do this," Duo said with intense seriousness and Heero smiled warmly as if he understood. Maybe he did.

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