Virgin Sacrifice

Chapter 9:Debriefing

by Kracken


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Warning:Male/male sex, graphic, language, violence

Virgin Sacrifice

"Is there anything else you need?" Heero asked, leaning in close and looking anxious as he handed Duo a steaming cup of coffee.

Duo snarled irritably, "Stop hovering and sit the hell down, Yuy!"

Heero closed up like a clam, his facial expression settling into the one that Duo was familiar with, the one that was scowling and fierce. This was the Heero he knew, not the man who acted as if, given a word of encouragement, would have slept on the floor and spent his every waking moment taking care of him.

After being released from the hospital, Duo had returned to his apartment, determined to take care of himself and get back to duty as soon as possible. It had become very apparent, unfortunately, that he had over estimated himself. Everyone had volunteered to help him. Heero had cleared the field with a snarled, "It only takes one person to help Duo. I will be that person."

That had been disturbing enough, but to have the man constantly showing up at his door to bring him prepared food, to bring his cleaned clothes, and to clean his apartment while he could hardly stir from his bed, disturbed Duo greatly and pricked at his pride. While he needed that help, he couldn't complain. Now that he was weeks away from returning to duty, and able to do things on his own, it was time to talk to Heero and get things straightened out between them.

Heero settled on the couch beside Duo. Duo sipped at his coffee, warming his hands on the mug, as it soothed his throat. After a few moments of gathering his thoughts, he asked Heero,"Do you remember when I was shot in that raid in Antigua?"

"Yes," Heero replied, looking down at his hands.

"You were in the gym," Duo continued. "I limped up to you, fresh out of micro surgery, with my wounded arm strapped, and said, 'Heero, I've been shot.' I was about to tell you to take over training exercises, but you grunted, without looking at me, 'I suggest only using the leg weights today, then.'That's the guy I know called Heero Yuy. Who's this guy sitting next to me?"

Heero frowned.

"Why are you acting this way?" Duo demanded. "It's not like I haven't almost died before. It's not like we haven't run dangerous missions before. What's going on?"

"Is this... the talk?" Heero wondered quietly and his blue eyes looked sideways at Duo nervously.

"Do you want it to be?" Duo wondered, suddenly just as nervous.

Heero nodded, his jaw bunching, and then he replied, "We've known each other since the war without having... a relationship. We've worked together closely and never..."

"Did you want that?" Duo asked.

"Yes," Heero replied.

"So did I," Duo admitted.

"Then..." Heero struggled. Duo didn't blame him.

"I... didn't think..." Duo chewed on his lip and then put his coffee cup aside on a side table. "Okay, so we were so good at being professional and tough guys, that we never let our guard down long enough to attempt anything closer."

"I respected you," Heero said thoughtfully, trying to find his own words. "I wanted to work with you and the others. I didn't want to compromise that dynamic."

"Maybe, " Duo suggested with sudden insight, "We were just too young and too damned confused?"

Heero thought about that and then nodded.

"Okay." Duo narrowed eyes at Heero. "So... what's with the change? Why are you suddenly... acting like... I'm gonna break or... you have to show me you care?"

"I thought..." Heero ran a hand through his chocolate hair. "I want you to know... that I'm interested."

"I got that already," Duo replied and then cocked his head at Heero. "You don't have to change. You don't have to be all soft and wishy washy. I'm interested, Heero, interested in you."

"Then... What should we do?" Heero seemed at a loss. "How should we proceed?"

"I'm a virgin, remember? Unmapped territory," Duo reminded him. "We have to... wing it." He grinned, stalked across the space between them, and then hooked a hand behind Heero's head. "Do me."

Heero frowned. "I don't think that's what we should do."

"Why not?" Duo turned and put his head in Heero's lap, looking up at him and still grinning. "Do you want to date? We've been together for years."

"You're not completely well," Heero clarified. One of his hands tentatively rose to touch a lock of Duo's hair as if he couldn't help himself.

"I think I can do that much, Heero, especially if you drive," Duo moved his head a bit. "I think you're prepared enough or is that your glock in your pants?"

Heero blushed deeply.

"Look, Heero," Duo told him, "If I'm going to fast for you, just say so and I'll back off. It just seems to me that we both know what we want, and how we feel, so let's do something about it."

"Is it just sex you want, then?" Heero asked seriously.

Duo snorted. "No, it's not. That's just a perk I get along with feeling the way I do about you. I'm crazy for you, Heero. Maybe I've always known that I wanted you. I sure as hell didn't give anyone else a chance."

Duo was suddenly silenced by Heero's lips on his, hard. Too hard. Duo struggled and pushed Heero's face up, scowling. "Damn it, Heero! Take it easy. That's flesh and blood, not Gundanium." He slowly pulled Heero down again and stopped him just above his lips. Gently, he let his lips touch Heero's. Duo frowned and asked, "What did you eat before you brought me my coffee?"

"Kosher pickle," Heero replied and then smirked. "If we're having trouble at this stage, I think we should train more before implementing the entire operation."

Duo sighed. "I see your point." He adjusted his pants, "But I hope you aren't suggesting that we do research or take lessons?"

"Only with each other," Heero chuckled.

"I'll go along with that." Duo sat up and coughed. He eyed Heero. "So, I've heard people talk about... gay sex... but... okay so I have a few vids, too, and... does it hurt?"

Heero looked suddenly uncertain.

Duo went wide eyed. "Does it?"

"I hurt you simply kissing you," Heero said. "Perhaps you should... initiate."

"Top?" Duo asked and his voice rose a nervous octave. He cleared his throat again. "Uhm, I guess I can do that, but, how.... "

"We need some lubrication and condoms." Heero clasped his hands in his lap.

Duo noted Heero's sudden tenseness. "You've never been... bottom?"

Heero pushed a pillow into his lap and took a deep breath. "Duo, if this isn't the time for sex, then maybe I should go, so that we won't be-"

Duo was suddenly in Heero's arms and pulling him down flat on the couch. "Screw all this! You're trying to be something you're not and I'm trying to be something I'm not. I know what I freakin' want and I've waited long enough!" He began unzipping his jeans.

The vid screen beeped and Une's voice asked politely, "Duo? It's Commander Une. We've found our mole. I thought that you would like to sit in on the operation debriefing. It's in one hour."

Duo untangled himself and threw himself at the vid. He hit the on button and said, "I'll be there!"

"Good. I'll save a seat for you. Une out."

Duo found his shoes and shoved them onto his feet. When he grabbed his coat and car keys, he suddenly remembered and looked back at Heero. He found Heero already with his coat on and at his elbow. Duo grinned. "Coming?"

"Of course," Heero smiled back.

"See, that's who we are," Duo said, clapping Heero on the back, "Let's remember that when we get back here."

"What the hell?" Duo snarled as he pointed at Rachel seated beside Wu Fei. "Why isn't that bitch in restraints?"

Rachel glared at him and crossed her arms over her breast. "Duo, I wasn't responsible for those emails and faxes." She tapped her forehead. "I do have a brain, in case you hadn't noticed during all of our missions together. Why would I ruin my career over a vindictive prank?"

Une sighed from her position at the head of the meeting table. She slid a photo and a file across the table. Duo caught it as he sat down beside Milliardo and Sally. Heero settled in the chair beside him, leaning sideways to look at the photo as well. "Kirk Jasper? I've never heard of him."

"You wouldn't," Une said as she made a steeple out of her fingers and looked over her round glasses at them. "He's a janitor. He overheard Rachel confiding to her close friend about your 'date', Duo. He confessed that he was secretly in love with Rachel and that he was angry on her behalf. He decided to get revenge for her sake. After we followed the footprint of the virus, we were able to ascertain that only one Preventer's computer wasn't infected, Jasper's."

"I told Commander Une that it wasn't me, but she thought that it was best if I made myself scarce until my innocence could be proven," Rachel said. She narrowed eyes at Duo. "So, do I get an apology?"

"Later," Une said irritably. "We do have a debriefing."

Rachel looked livid. Duo sank down in his chair, recalling acutely all the terrible things that he had said about Rachel. "You can see why I thought..." Duo muttered, but Une tapped her pen on the table sharply and he closed his mouth on the rest of his excuse.

"Who was the mole?" Heero asked, getting back to business.

Une slid copies of another photo towards each person. They found themselves looking at an elderly woman.

"Carol!" Duo exclaimed. "She's one of our best agents. What the hell did they offer her?"

"Her son's life," Une replied. "They were holding him hostage."

Milliardo sighed. "She should have come to us. We could have freed him. Is he dead now?"

"Yes," Une replied, her expression tight. "He was a casualty in our latest operation. He was working for our targets. The 'kidnaping' was to gain his mother's cooperation."

"Slick.," Duo said. "Sick, but slick."

They all gave their mission reports, then, and discussed them. It was Duo's job to report insubordinate operatives, especially Sally Po. She had been instrumental in helping his people abandon him against his orders. Duo kept the information to himself, though. He'd never been one to follow all the rules. If his people needed disciplinary measures, he would be the one to give it. Besides, Duo thought that Sally had already learned her lesson. It was unlikely that she would take matters into her own hands again.

The meeting dismissed and Duo found himself walking beside Rachel. She stopped and faced him in the hallway outside the meeting room, the others still inside and talking as they gathered their things to leave.

"Duo," she said as if she were trying hard to control her temper. "Tell me one thing; When you told me that you were gay... and a virgin... was I really the first one that you ever told?"

Duo blushed and ducked his head, hands sunk in his pockets and eyes hidden by his bangs as he gritted out, "Yeah."

"You trusted me," she said sadly. "I betrayed your trust when I told my friend. I'm the one that screwed up."

Duo looked up then, surprised. "I guess... I guess I said some nasty stuff..." He held out his hand. "Let's forget about this, okay? It's done and over with."

Rachel hesitated and then reached out and shook his hand. Duo grinned and she smiled. "So," she said. "About to lose the 'Virgin' in front of your name? It looked like Heero was staking his claim in there."

Duo felt hot with embarrassment. "Trying to," he admitted.

"A kick boxing match, a couple of beers, and he'll be ripping your clothes off," she advised.

Duo snickered. "Think so?"

"Worked for me... well, our version... almost," Rachel amended and then laughed. "Better get back to him. He looks jealous."

Duo looked over his shoulder and saw Heero standing in the doorway to the meeting room, giving him a look that was partly anxious and partly challenging."See ya, Rachel," Duo said. When he reached Heero's side, he asked, "Ready to go?"

"Yes," Heero replied and then smoothed a hand along Duo's arm almost awkwardly. Duo caught his hand before he could withdraw it and squeezed it reassuringly.

"Let's go home," Duo said warmly and gave Heero a tug towards the elevator.

Duo held the little plastic bag nervously as Heero took their coats and tossed them over a chair. Being at Heero's apartment, instead of his own, made Duo feel self conscious and off balance. He didn't know where to begin. He liked planning missions, not first time sex.

"We can wait," Heero said and Duo looked up to see Heero standing very close, expression serious.

Duo remembered Rachel's joke, beer and kick boxing. Maybe he wasn't that... macho. Maybe he did need a bit of romance... or foreplay. He wasn't sure. He did know that he didn't want to just unwrap his newest purchases and spread his legs. That made it seem too much like he didn't care, that he just wanted to 'get off'.

"I don't know," Duo said uncertainly.

"I do," Heero whispered. He moved in close and kissed Duo, hard mouth pressing against his lips, calloused hands taking hold of him, and harder body pressing up against his. All muscle, all strength, all Heero.

After the kiss, Duo let himself be held. He liked that and couldn't remember the last time that he had just... let himself go. Heero's hand slid under the weight of his hair at his neck and pulled Duo even closer. Duo could feel Heero's heart hammering. The man was as nervous as he was, Duo realized.

The awkwardness fell away suddenly. The contrived 'first time' was suddenly spontaneous and warm and not bought and paid for at the corner market. They kissed and held each other for awhile longer and then Heero was tugging Duo towards the bedroom. Duo met Heero's smile with his own and allowed himself to be led.

Rain pattered against the window there, making a soothing music as they sank onto the soft bed and kicked off their shoes. Hard kisses turned to open mouthed and hungry ones. Hands pulled at zippers and buttons as they undressed one another. When they were finally lying together naked, Duo smoothed hands over Heero's hard body.

"I never..." Duo swallowed and tried again. "I mean, I dreamed, but I figured it would always be just that, a kinky dream."

"Me too," Heero sighed against his neck and kissed him there tenderly.

That undid Duo completely. He clutched at Heero and was overwhelmed by his need for the man, his emotions thundering through him in time to his wildly beating heart. Heero held him until he calmed, until he believed that it was real and that Heero wasn't about to vanish in a poof of hopes and dreams.

Thunder rumbled. Heero dimmed the lights and lightning flashed and played over the walls as they began to kiss and touch more urgently. "I love you, Duo." It was a long breath of sound, soft and almost lost in the rain as Heero rose above Duo and reached for the bag.

Duo tensed a little, but then he smiled and tried to relax as Heero uncapped the lube and rolled on a condom. It didn't kill the mood, it enhanced it. Heero was being careful. He wasn't rushing to quench his own needs. When he was prepared, he bent and kissed Duo's stomach, running a tongue in a rough swirl around Duo's belly button. Duo gasped, ticklish, and arched up against the sensation.

Heero pulled Duo towards him, large hands cupping Duo's ass as he raised him into position almost in his lap. Legs spread on either side of Heero, Duo swallowed hard as he felt Heero's slick fingers at his entrance.

It wasn't easy. The sensation went from pleasure, to uncomfortable prickles of pain, to pleasure again. When the fingers withdrew at last, and Heero put the blunt end of his erection against Duo, they paused like that. Fingers had felt good, but this was wider and different. It was already pushing uncomfortably even against the stretched flesh there.

"It's okay," Duo told him with only a little shake to his voice.

Heero's look of pure warmth, love, and anticipation told Duo that this was more than sex, that this was the first step into a deeper relationship. Lightning highlighted the curve of Heero's back as he bent Duo almost double and pushed forward.

Duo groaned as that head defeated all resistance and worked it's way inward. It wasn't as painful or as strange as he imagined. There wasn't a rise of instinctive outrage that another man was so obviously dominating him. On the contrary, Duo wanted more. He flexed and forced Heero in deeper, clenching hands into Heero's ass to drive him down. Heero rolled his hips under that grip and shoved.

"Want you," Duo hissed impatiently as Heero stopped and seemed to want to rest. "Do it. Come on!"

Heero nuzzled the skin that he could reach and replied, "I don't want to come right away, Duo. Give me a moment."

Duo chuckled and it came out as a nervous sound. His hands knotted in Heero's wild hair and he waited until Heero regained control. Heero rolled his hips again, then, pulling up and then shoving inward again deeply.

"Yeah!" Duo groaned. "This is so damned good!"

Heero began to move faster, pumping his hips in earnest. That made Duo come first in a hot spurt across both their bellies. He let out a yell at the power of the orgasm, blinded and panting as sensation overwhelmed every nerve in his body. He was only vaguely aware of Heero coming as well with a deep, drawn out moan that almost sounded like a beast in pain.

Wetness oozed down the crack of Duo's ass, but he was warm and content to stay under Heero as they both recovered. Finally, Heero pulled out and reached for the kleenex on the bedside table. He cleaned them both, tossing the used kleenex carelessly aside with one of them containing his broken condom.

"Damned thing didn't work," Heero muttered.

Duo felt a split second of worry, but Heero looked embarrassed as he added, "Not that it was really necessary."

Duo frowned as he pulled Heero down to him and covered them both with a warm blanket. "Why not?"

Heero wrapped an arm around Duo and pulled him close as he whispered in his ear, "I'm a virgin too."

Duo started and then laughed. "At our age, nobody will ever believe us."

Heero chuckled, but then grew serious. "I tried... with other people, but it never seemed right. I wasn't interested in them at all. I wanted to tell you how I felt, but there were always missions and we were so busy finding our place; getting our positions with Preventers. I thought you might be gay, but I was afraid to hope."

"Same here," Duo sighed, but then grinned. "So we popped each other's cherries. Can't ask for better than that." He eyed Heero. "I think I'm supposed to ask, 'Was it good for you?', now."

Heero gave him an intense look and replied, "It was better than anything I've ever felt before."

Duo kissed him and said, "Me too. I don't think it was just the sex, either. It was being with you that made it really good."

Heero ran a hand along Duo's back and cupped one ass cheek. Done talking romance, and knowing that what they had between them was love, it was back to basic need and Heero's hard erection let Duo know that he was very needy. "Can we... again?" Heero wondered.

"Yeah," Duo purred in a sexy voice. "Go for it."

Heero was up and sliding Duo towards him eagerly then. Duo moaned as Heero entered him again and, as the man began thrusting, he smoothed hands along Heero's strong back. "Mine," he growled and felt an intense satisfaction and a completeness to his life that had always been lacking.

"Mine," Heero echoed and that felt just as good.

The rain began to pound the window pane in earnest and it felt very primordial. As Heero came a second time, the heretic part of Duo had a thought, an image of them both offering up their virginity as sacrifice to some god for a new and better life together. It made him clutch at Heero possessively.

"All right?" Heero panted.

"Now I am," Duo replied as he grinned fiercely and pulled Heero down for a passionate kiss.





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