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Broken Jade

Pairing: 1x3x2,2xOCs


During an undercover operation, Duo is kidnapped and turned into Jade, the perfect sex slave. When Heero and Trowa find him, they take on the difficult task of deprograming Duo and helping their friend find himself again.

Warnings:Yaoi, angst, language,violence, S&M, bondge, sex slaves.


Drums of Heaven

Pairing: 1x2


Heero has turned his back on violence and become a famous photographer under an assumed name. When he's asked to use his skills once more, he has to chose between peaceful life and the greater good.

Warnings:Yaoi, angst, language,violence..

Koji Ma Oshi

Pairing: 1x2


Duo has suffered the loss of Hilde,druing a violent crime, and he finds that he can't forgive or move on. When he discovers that Heero has some unusual kinks, he follows the man into a world that reveals more about himself than simply the pleasures of the flesh.

Warnings:Yaoi, angst, language,violence,bdsm.



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