Lawless Hearts

Part 20:Springing the Trap
by Kracken


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Warnings: Male/Male sex, graphic, language, violence

Lawless Hearts

Springing the Trap

"And then you guys almost lost my goddam clothes! All the clothes I own were in that damned duffel!" Okay, so I was getting a sore throat by the time we rounded the corner of the scrap pile and found Wu Fei waiting for us in a tshirt and jeans, arms crossed across his chest and an eyebrow raised.

"Should I ask?" Wu Fei wondered, looking past me at Heero.

"He's... venting," Heero replied, almost sheepishly. "He's making good points."

"Damn right I am!" I snarled.

"If we could get to work..." Wu Fei sighed and turned away, unmoved by my temper.

It's too hard to keep shouting when the people, that you have a bone to pick with, treat you like a child having a tantrum. I suddenly didn't feel so good. I did feel childish. I guess I could have made my points without screaming them at Heero.

"Heero, there's blood on your shoulder," Wu Fei said suddenly with a hint of alarm.

I came out of my self indulgent wallow and saw Wu Fei begin to reach for Heero, the darker stain evident on Heero's shirt. Heero shrugged him off. "I cut myself yesterday," he lied. "I caught the scab putting the shirt on."

Wu Fei narrowed eyes and then shot a look at me. Heero really sucked at lying. I didn't know what to say. I felt like an asshole.... because I was one. I swore, right then and there, that, no matter how pissed I was, from then on-.

"Typical," Wu Fei said almost under his breath.

My fist cocked back and I felt a hot flush cover my entire body. I was going to hit him. His cold eyes waited, appraising me. I forced my hand to relax, opened the fingers, and then lowered it to hang limp at my side. Maybe all that yelling had helped. I felt in control. "It's not typical, but" I told him. "After what you and the Preventers did to me, what you're still doing, I'm allowed to have... issues."

"Issues?" Wu Fei scowled, but then he suddenly had an odd look on his face. He paused, face going dark and distant, as if he were looking inward. "Because of our lives," he said, "perhaps we all are allowed to have ...issues." He blinked and then came back from his thoughts to me and the pile of scrap. His dark eyes skewered me. "I trust that this... issue... has been addressed?"

"Yes," Heero replied for me, firmly, "It won't happen again."

"No, not again,"I promised with feeling.

Wu Fei nodded, and the subject seemed closed for now, as we began working. After a minute, though, Heero sidled next to me, leaned in to butt his head against my shoulder lightly, and then nuzzled next to my ear, as he said, "Love bites are okay, you realize?"

I looked sideways at him and grinned, realizing that Heero was forgiving me. "You mean, hickies?"

"Hickies," Heero repeated with a smirk.

"What would Wu Fei think about that?" I wondered with a snicker.

"That you are both not concentrating on the task at hand," Wu Fei said, closer to us than I had realized. I blushed red as he added, "May I remind you both that we have a deadline?"

"Yes, General Wu Fei, sir," I muttered under my breath.

"He has very good hearing," Heero warned nervously.

"I hope so," I replied. "I'd hate for him to miss anything I have to say about him."

"We have to be partners," Heero admonished me and he was suddenly very serious. "We have to all work together, Duo, to make this mission a success."

"I know, I know! I can't afford to be pissy with Wu Fei," I sighed. "He makes it freakin' hard though."

"He does," Heero replied, "but the things that annoy you the most, make him an excellent agent."

I thought about that. " most cases. Out here, his attitude is a liability."

"You know something?" Heero wondered sharply.

I thought about the man who had made me the job offer, but I still wasn't ready to drag that into the light. If a man like that had his finger on that kind of information about me, then how hard was it going to be for him to finger an arrogant, bad tempered L5 agent and a scowling, oriental agent with hair and eyes that were pretty damned distinctive? Heero and Wu Fei couldn't see how they stood out in the scrap yards of L2. I had it in my mind to check out that man first, see how much he knew, and see how much of a danger he was to my two undercover employees. I felt almost like a piece of meat being dangled in front of one of Trowa's lions, only I was doing the dangling. I needed to see just how dangerous, just how many teeth, this lion had when he snapped for me, and what his game was, before I let my lover and his partner loose on him. I didn't turn in customers unless they deserved it and I didn't let babes into the savage jungle of L2 without some idea of the danger they were in.

"I don't know anything," I lied and shrugged. "I'll let you know when I do."

Heero looked ready to argue that point, not liking my expression, but I began working and didn't give him the chance to say anything else. He said after a minute, maybe trying to divert my mood, "You're sexy when you sweat."

I was bent way over and I actually looked between my legs at him as I pried at a piece of scrap, scowling.

"And limber too," Heero commented with a smirk.

"Get this pile done today, and maybe I'll show you just how limber," I told him, letting him distract me from my temper, my worries, and my thoughts about the dangers we might all be facing.

"Is that a promise?" Heero wondered, looking eager.

"No promises, just wishful thinking," I told him.

Wu Fei grunted sourly, higher up on the pile. The sunlight was beating down on us all, and it gave him weird halo as he glared down at us. "Now that you have your incentive, Yuy, perhaps you can apply yourself to your work?"

Heero blushed, but he was smiling too and, I noticed, he did start working harder.

They were asleep. I opened an eye and squinted at Heero first, curled up against my side, fast asleep, and... drooling.... I edged away a bit, and then at Wu Fei in his bed, who was hugging his pillow like a teddy bear and looking as if he were having pleasant dreams. He'd finished my accounts late that night with my help, sent off the revised taxes, and told me he was astounded that I hadn't gone out of business long ago. It seems I have mostly crap for scrap taking up most of my yard. Wu Fei had shaken his head and talked about credit per square foot. When he'd seen my deer in headlights look, I was given a terse explanation that space equals credits, something that Heero had tried to explain to me too, and that being disorganized costs credits.

Exhausted, and lulled by their long, drawn out talk about L2 economics and the chances of selling my metal scrap for... well... scrap... I had fallen asleep. I felt stupid that even Preventer agents, without any stake in how well my business was doing, were better at running it than I was. I had fallen asleep thinking about taking some sort of L2 business course or begging Hilde to come back and work for me. Now that I was awake again, I had other things on my mind, like taking advantage of a perfect opportunity.

Wu Fei had left his small handheld computer out on a side table by his bed. The screen was showing a bouncing ball lazily tracking back and forth. It was well within my reach and... it was almost too easy. I eyed him. His face was smooth and untroubled when he slept. He looked like he was ten years old. I couldn't imagine him being that relaxed if he were really awake. I couldn't imagine Chang Wu Fei letting anyone see him nuzzled into a pillow with his arms hugging it, even to spring a trap on me.

I reached out very slowly and took the computer off the table. I watched for any frown, any twitch, but Wu Fei continued to sleep. Breathing easier, I relaxed on my side away from Heero, and placed the computer on the sheets in front of me. It wasn't logged out. I was like a rat seeing a piece of cheese in a rat trap. I knew it was a set up, had to be... but I needed that computer.

I am an expert, a child prodigy, when it comes to systems of any kind. Wu Fei and his trap didn't stand a chance. Nor did the trap he had hidden by that trap. I grinned as I breezed by them and logged on to the net. I spent the next hour researching my supposed 'client'. I didn't like what I found not at all. He was definitely a player in big things and he did have some big names on his payroll, names I knew from the war. He wasn't dealing scrap, that was pretty clear.

I went to a trickier next step. Now that I knew that the man was a big fish, I needed to know if he was Wu Fei's and Heero's big fish. I'm pretty sure hacking into Preventer files was illegal. Especially when I suddenly felt Heero's warm breath on my neck and saw his hand reach over me to log off the computer and close the lid. He whispered in my ear, a mere breath, so as not to wake Wu Fei, "It's a five year sentence for breeching Preventer security."

I stiffened, swallowed hard, and then whispered back, "Thought I was your partner."

"Not... officially," Heero replied as he took the computer from me.

"So..." I never could keep from being blunt, wanting to know the cards that were being dealt me. "Are you going to buy that I was just surfing the net for porn?"

"Since I didn't see what you were looking at," Heero replied, "and Chang left his computer where you could innocently take it and gain access to a logged on system... yes. Just... don't push it again."

"Yes, sir," I promised dutifully, feeling like I'd just missed getting my head chopped off. "Can I go now, Officer Yuy?"

"That's 'agent', and, no, you can't go " he grumbled very quietly. He pulled me close against him, rubbing a hard on against my ass."Guess what woke me up? I seem to remember a promise you made..."

I frowned, reached back, and took hold of the thing sticking out of Heero's shorts. It was smooth as silk, but hard as... well... wood. "That's not going anywhere you want it to, buddy, so put it back in it's holster and opt for the cold shower. I'm not a freakin' exhibitionist. Your partner doesn't sleep that heavy and it's about time for his sadistic inner clock to start ringing.

Heero sighed, his breath tickling the hairs at the nape of my neck. "You're cruel. A little rub and I'll be done, I promise." He tried to move in my hand. I squeezed very hard, gave it a painful jerk, and then let go as I sat up. It didn't help that I now had a hard on too. I was wearing my jeans and not a shirt. My erection was swollen and trapped against the denim. A hand reached around and rubbed it.

I glared back at Heero. He twitched the blanket aside, smirked unrepentantly, and showed me how hot and bothered a part of his body was. God! It was- he was gorgeous! I wanted to bend over and work him with my mouth for all I was worth. Wu Fei, though.... I heard him stir. We were already waking him up.

I grabbed a shirt off the end of the bed, slipped it on, and motioned with my chin for the door. We snuck out like we were in Oz territory. When we were a safe distance from the shack, Heero's hands were on me , grabbing at me, holding me, touching and rubbing me everywhere as I tried to get us to my shack without coming in my pants. There was something about seeing Heero this way, completely open, completely aroused, completely wanting me. The light in his eyes was telling me about love and passion and lust, and it was making me hotter than a space shuttle thruster on full throttle.

Don't ask me why I suddenly decided that now was the time. It just... was. Maybe Heero had finally proven that he had my back when he had decided to let me evade Wu Fei's traps and thread the needle of the law for me. He hadn't even asked what I had been looking at, just trusted me to not be doing something to hurt them or the case. That made me suddenly trust Heero as well, made a wall fall down between us that had seemed harder than Gundam steel.. That trust fueled my heat, fueled my need to have all of him.

We didn't make it to my shack. His hands were already tugging at my zipper, slipping inside, grabbing hold, and then sliding up my body to tweak nipples. His mouth tried to inhale mine, locking us together so tightly that, when I backed over a piece of scrap and fell over, he landed on top of me in the caustic sand. We both took only long enough to see that we were sandwiched between two concealing piles of scrap, before my pants started going down with Heero's help.

I wanted... I wanted... but... "He- H- Heero," I said, trying to talk with his tongue trying to claim mine. He said only, "hmm?" as he pulled his shorts down and his erection bobbed free. "Uh, hm, uh,.... we kind uh.... need, mfh... you know..."

Heero went completely stiff in more ways than one as he searched my eyes in shock and ... hope... as he pulled away from my lips and choked out. "Now?"

If he had paused for one more second I might have reconsidered having my first time out in the open, in my scrap yard, where God and everyone could find us... but he didn't. He pulled a small tube from an inner pocket of his shorts. I didn't even get a chance to make a sarcastic comment about boy scouts, before his lube covered fingers were finding my entrance. Then I was pretty much reduced to sounds that might have brought mating moose to me from miles around if we had been on Earth. I made moaning sounds that were loud and deep and... when his fingers went in at last and brushed sensitive nerves...embarrassingly pornographic.

I was on my back under the reflectors and the open dome of the station, legs spread, pants dangling from one ankle, boots off and scattered, with another man's fingers in my ass and making me go wild... I'd done some raunchy things in my life...but this seemed something else entirely and it took me a moment to understand my absolute need, my absolute disregard for modesty and morality. I loved that guy with his fingers working inside me. I loved every inch of him. I wanted every inch of him. Nothing seemed nasty or over the top because of that complete 'want'. It was love, pure and simple, and nothing could be wrong when that was true.

I lifted my legs higher. I wanted more. I was ready for it... I thought. They make it look so easy in porn vids... Heero mounted me, asking me, as he coated his erection with the lube and then tried to press it into me, if I was all right, if he was doing it right, and if he was hurting me. I wanted to say 'Yes! Now get the hell off!'. Well, that small cowardly part of me did. He felt impossibly large from the get-go, even though I knew he wasn't. My brain kept saying to me, 'That is not going into us... It just can't.' But I knew it could, knew people did it every day, every night...I didn't question my earlier resolve to be the one on top. It had seemed natural to fall underneath him, to raise my legs to him. I'd deal with my male ego later...

There was a sharp sting and then Heero passed a barrier. He filled me, inch by inch, stretching my insides wide. I bit my lip. I squeezed my eyes shut. He stopped, uncertain."What... What does it feel like? Is it all right?' he asked, eyes concerned.

"Like... a torpedo..." I hissed back. "You should try it. Like... now."

You don't mess with a guy when he's trying to do... this... for , what was becoming increasingly apparent, was Heero's first time on top. I suddenly felt him softening inside me. He was getting too anxious... too afraid he was screwing up. My first time was about to go down, in more ways than one.'Baby!' I swore at myself. 'Idiot!'I tried to remember something helpful and then lifted my knees higher. Heero went snugger against my ass and my balls were suddenly out of the danger zone. That... helped. I looked Heero in the eye and gabbed his ass. "Screw me, Yuy!"I ground out.

I gritted my teeth. I desperately told myself that Heero was not about to rip out my insides as he cautiously made a shallow thrust. When I groaned, as if I was going straight to heaven, faking it for all I was worth, Heero suddenly captured the mood, the frantic, 'gotta fuck you', mind set that we had started with. He made five more thrusts and... the feeling changed... I almost didn't trust it. The feeling of having sat on the head of a Titan rocket ship, went away and I 'opened'. Endorphins began pumping. This, very suddenly, felt fucking great! I captured that feeling and groaned, loving it, loving Heero for giving it to me, loving the nerves that were letting me feel this. I wanted more.

"Uhhhnnn! This... feels... so.... good... keep... going...keep... Uhhhnnnnn! Heero!" I panted in rhythm to his thrusts."Man!!!!" I came with a strangled shout, that embarrassingly quick. I looked up into Heero's face to apologize and found him smiling warmly down at me. He let me unfold until he was holding me, stretched out on top of my hot body, his erection sliding out. "Sorry, Heero," I panted. 'I can take care of you. Don't worry."

Heero nuzzled my neck. "Already taken care of." He sounded embarrassed too as he admitted, "I didn't make it past the first couple of seconds."He was quiet for a little bit and then he said, unsure, "Was it... all right?"

Since I hadn't noticed that he'd shot his load early, and he had managed to stay hard anyway, I didn't have any complaints. I grinned. "I just lost my virginity, Heero, and, you know what? It was freakin' fantastic!"But then I moved uncomfortably as he let out a breath of relief and grinned back. "There's sand in my butt, Yuy, get off and let's go shower."

Heero grunted and grimaced as he levered off me. "What the hell is this sand made out of? I think it's stuck in my knees!" He knee caps were red and raw looking. As I began to feel self conscious and pull my pants back up, feeling the afterglow and the sticky, sweaty, come covered mess that was my lower body, I felt like my backside was raw too.

"Next time," I said as he helped me to my feet and hunted for my boots, "Let's be raunchy and spontaneous on a smoother surface."

Heero turned me and handed me my boots. His mouth opened and closed, his eyes fascinated with my boot laces. "I loved it... being with you.....I-I love you, Duo."

I blinked, clutching my boots. I looked down and began balancing on one foot to put one on. I put on the second one before I decided what to say, what to do. I looked up at last, gave him a long, hard look, and then jumped on him. He caught me and held me up, my feet off the ground as I kissed him hard with my hands knotted in his hair. When I broke the kiss, I said, as he let me slide down to my feet again, "Love you, too."

We shuffled feet, stood awkwardly, and then I grabbed him by the waistband of his shorts and tugged him after me. "Okay, okay! Fun time over! Let's shower before Wu Fei comes looking for us."

Heero reached out and took hold of the loop of my jeans and allowed himself to be lead. I glanced back and saw that warm, heart stopping smile on his face directed at me. I found myself smiling back and I didn't even care that my ass was complaining. Get used to it, I told it silently, and my smile widened.



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