Chapter 11:Roses Have Thorns


by Kracken

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Warnings: Male/Male sex, graphic, language, violence.

It almost felt like a battle plan, getting on our shuttle and away from work. Duo was blissfully unaware that I disconnected every land line phone, set up our email to show a bogus screen, saying, no new messages, and even tampered with our cell phones. The world could do without its superman for a few days. Someone else needed to step up and fill Duo's shoes.

Feeling the g forces of take off, and then the wonderful zero g of space, was like old times. Duo laughed, relaxed and happy, as we disconnected from our seats and he pulled me with him to our tiny cabin.

I hated passenger shuttles. Though they were fast, and very high tech, the time between point A and point B, was still spent in what amounted to an over used bus station. There was the smell and marks of too many people that had gone before us. The cabin itself was bare bones. Everything folded out from the walls, from the chairs to the bunks, and they were all thin plastic with minimal cushion. A vacuum sink and a slide door that led into a cramped dry shower and vacuum toilet, were the only amenities. Our gear stowed under the floor, in a compartment, and one, large window showed us the depths of space, and a galley menu taped to one side.

"Nice," Duo snickered as he closed the floor compartment and leaned on the window, peering outside. "At least we get a view."

I grimaced as I floated over the ten foot wide room and hooked fingers in his belt loops. "I hate shuttles," I grumbled as I looked out at cold space and tried not to think about the war.

"Just a few days," Duo soothed, "and then we'll be in paradise."

I looked around the room. "We'll have to find some interesting ways to pass the time."

He looked sideways at me, but his eyes were drawn back to space almost in the next moment. "Sex in space is damned hard, but, with enough straps, handholds, and suction tubes, we can probably manage it."

I noticed the full room vacuum on one wall, but didn't mention it. Knowing that passengers having sex, and releasing fluids all over the cabin, was an actual problem that needed equipment, was a little disgusting.

"I'm sorry that we haven't taken more trips like this one," Duo suddenly said and turned to hold me with one arm, while he anchored us with a handhold, with the other. "You've been a saint."

"Saint?" I snorted. "Don't be stupid. I haven't been suffering. I do have my own workaholic tendencies."

"You do," Duo agreed. "Which is why I'm surprised that it was so easy to get you away from work."

It was bothering me, knowing that things weren't getting done while I was gone, but, just like in Duo's case, someone had to step in and find their ability to get my work done while I was gone. I had to trust that someone would. "We need this," I replied as I nuzzled his neck. "We can't keep doing the impossible, every day, and not suffer eventually."

"I was still imagining having to tie you up and put you in a suitcase," Duo laughed and then we kissed and it was all wrapped up in the past and the present, regrets, wishful thinking, and what ifs.

"Peacemillion," I growled against his lips. "A cabin. Some stolen time during the war. You in your priest outfit."

"You in that tight spandex...," Duo interjected as he paused in the dance of his tongue with mine. "The others out there, oblivious that two guys want to do the nasty on the eve of battle."

We both fell into the fantasy, fell back to that time when we had wanted each other so badly, but couldn't for so many reasons. Clothes went floating everywhere. My left shoe went bumping with Duo's socks in a corner, while we did slow spirals and flips, naked and wanting to touch each other everywhere. I had a moment of self consciousness, having sex in front of such a large window, but then didn't care as Duo latched onto me and did interesting things with his mouth.

We needed that room vacuum several times, and I felt rather raunchy as it deployed and hummed loudly enough for anyone close by to hear it as well, and know what we had been up to.

"Do you think they're not doing it to?" Duo laughed as he caught sight of my expression.

Wrapped up in our bed, and relaxing in the afterglow, I really didn't want the image of other couples having sex to ruin it. Instead, I kissed his neck and then made a slow trail to his ear, while he scrunched and laughed, ticklish.

"Love you," I murmured, and thought about sleeping, warm in his embrace.

"You know I love you," Duo said as I stopped teasing his skin. "You didn't have to do all of that, you know?"

"Hm?" I asked sleepily.

"Kill our phones, email, and cell phones," Duo clarified. He held me tighter when I tensed guiltily. "Nothing was going to keep me from going on this trip with you."

"That's why I love you," I replied, but my mind was saying something different. Duo had the best intentions, and he did love me utterly, but if Une had called, and told him that only he could save the universe, he would have gone... and I would have let him. It was the nature of our lives and our relationship.

"I don't want to fix them until we return home," I told him.

"I don't want them fixed either," Duo admitted.

We had a moment of warm togetherness, and a mutual understanding, and then we heard the vacuum, in the cabin next to us, power up. Duo laughed while I blushed furiously.


"It looks like a real jungle," Duo said as he looked around at the humid fronds of greenery all around us. "Well, except for the nice faux stone path, the manicured vines, and the potted orchids."

"And the tourists walking around in resort wear," I snickered as we moved to let another couple pass us by.

"Well, at least they don't have buster rifles and a death wish," Duo quipped back and then frowned and added, "Sorry. That was stupid to say."

I gave his braid a jerk. "I don't intend to punish you every time you talk about work. It's who we are. Just... keep down the references to all out fire fights when I'm trying to enjoy a beautiful garden."

Duo reached out and took my hand. He squeezed it and didn't let go. We were in a place where that didn't matter, just one couple, among hundreds, that were of the same sex, and on vacation. "I will try harder," Duo promised as he unfolded his map, one handed. "Now, if we can only find the check in desk..."

"Duo Maxwell, foiled by a half acre hydroponics garden," I joked and he rolled eyes at me.

"It's a half acre jungle," Duo reminded me, "without any signs."

"That's the fun part," I told him. "You're supposed to relax and wander, not hack your way through it with a machete."

Another couple passed us and one of the men said, "The reception desk is back that way."

"Thank you," I replied, and then frowned as Duo began dragging me in that direction. "What is your hurry?" I protested.

"I want to see the room," Duo replied, "and I want to make sure our bags made it there all right."

"I'm not going to spend the first day in bed," I complained. "I want to look around."

"We will!" Duo replied as he took a side path that didn't look as if it went any where special.

"I don't think..." I began, but he seemed determined that he was going in the right direction, and I didn't mind the walk after so much time confined to a small cabin.

"They want to be clever," Duo finally told me, maybe feeling my protest in the tension of my hand in his. "So, of course the least likely way is the right way."

"You're doing it again," I warned him.

"I know, I know," Duo groused. "It's not a mission... but I really want to check in. That makes it official that we're actually here."

I smiled then. I could hardly believe it myself. Back into space, after so long, and about to have days of doing not much of anything with each other. No wounds to heal, no constant calls for dangerous mission, and no one to leave nasty notes telling us that we shouldn't be together. It was going to be a little slice of paradise.

The reception desk was situated near a waterfall and half covered in vines. The staff were all wearing resort wear and looking a little hot in the humid air. As we gave one man our IDs, I expected shocked recognition. The man did glance up at us, eyes a little wide, but then he was friendly and welcoming, and I couldn't be sure what his real reaction was. I suppose that they had many important guests stay there, and two ex Gundam pilots, weren't so note worthy.

"Relax," Duo said to me as we walked away from the desk and he handed me my keycard. "No one is going to make trouble. This place is used to celebrities."

He couldn't guarantee that, though, so it was hard to follow his advice, to not search every face and wonder if this will be the person to say or do something to ruin our vacation. That was the very reason why we did need this time of peace so badly. I had become that gun shy.

Our room was very nice, though we hadn't been able to afford any 'extras'. If we wanted a whirlpool tub, we could always go downstairs to the spa. Computer connections and state of the art vid screens, were things to be avoided. Just seeing Duo kick off his shoes and land, lightly, on the queen sized bed, grinning and relaxing, made it seem like the five star penthouse. It was perfect for what we needed it for, to sleep and others things.

I kicked off my shoes as well and crawled into bed after him. We lay together and just stared at the ceiling, trying to believe that we had actually done it. That we had left our world behind.

After awhile, of almost half dozing, Duo wrinkled his nose and said, "Love, I don't want to be insulting, but you smell like stale shuttle cabin."

I laughed, "And you think that you don't?"

"I do?" Duo tried to smell himself. His nose wrinkled even more, as he affirmed, "I do." His voice turned sexy and suggestive then, "Why don't we check out the shower?"

"I already have," I replied as I began to sit up. "It's small."

"That's fine," Duo snickered as he sat up and pulled me from the bed. "That means that you can't get away from me."

I smiled as I took hold of his braid and followed him into the bathroom, and replied, "As if I would want to."

We undressed in the tiny space, bumping into each other and laughing. When we were finally naked, and I was turning on the shower, I heard Duo say, "What's this?"

I turned just as he pushed a button. A very large panel open up to reveal a window looking out over the 'forest', with its crisscrossing paths and people walking on those paths.

"Duo!" I shouted as I lunged forward to hit the button. He stopped me with a hand on my wrist as he examined the window.

Standing nude, where everyone can see, didn't bother me. Being seen standing together with my lover, naked, and about to take a shower together,

did, because everyone knew that it was more than a shower.

"Its treated," Duo told me. "Nobody can see us." His grin widened as he pulled me to the window and stood with me."This kind of turns me on."

"What doesn't?" I growled as I saw his hard erection.

I had my own, though, and Duo palmed it for a moment before facing me to the window and telling me. "Bend over and put your hands on the sill."

"Duo," I protested, my face going hot.

Duo's hands were kneading my ass then, and what was between my legs, as he bent over my back and said, "Look at all of those people down there. We can pretend they're watching us."

I started to straighten, retorting, "Pervert!"

His weight pressed me down again and I felt the bump of his erection against my ass. It was dripping so much that I doubted that we would need any lube.

The water from the shower was starting to steam the room, but the window stayed clear, and I stared downward, as I thought about people actually looking up and knowing that Duo was about to....

He chuckled and it was almost a purr as he felt how hard I was getting. I felt ashamed of myself, yet, thrilled as well.

Duo coated my entrance with his precum, teased me until I opened, and then pushed in, slow and easy. When he wrapped his arms around my waist, put his cheek against my shoulder, and began thrusting in and out, it was hard to remember that everyone down below couldn't see us. That odd, taboo thrill, made me want something more than being ridden.

Duo was surprised when I turned the tables, but he was obliging as I plastered his back against the window, and hooked his legs, so that he was spread open, and propped up by the sill and my strength. He wrapped arms around my neck and bit at my neck and collarbone, as I carefully pushed my erection into him. The window made a thrumming noise every time I shoved in and Duo made a sighing, pleasure filled, grunt, whenever I pulled out again. We were making music together as I panted and took him utterly.

I came, shooting hard and deep into him, pressing him almost flat against the window, and then I was pulling out and kneeling to take him into my mouth. His knees bent out wide and his feet planted on my shoulders, using that leverage to keep himself against the window, as he moaned and let me make him come.

We showered after and, as I stood in the spray and let Duo soap my back, he said in my ear, "Sorry."

I glared at him over my shoulder, eyelashes sprinkled with water drops. "I didn't know that you had kinks," I replied. "There aren't anymore, are there?"

Duo snickered. "Not that I know of. Do you have any?"

I turned, my erection hard and needy again. "It's something to do with showers, and lots of soap, and you," I replied.

"I think I can go along with that," Duo laughed as he handed me the soap and turned to lean against the tile.


"You look... comfortable," Duo said to me and I could see that he was trying to keep a straight face.

"What's wrong?" I asked irritably as I fastened the strap on my sandal. "Go, ahead, say it. I wouldn't want you to hurt something keeping it in."

Duo shoved hands into the pockets of his shorts. They were khaki, with a dozen pockets and dangling rings and hooks, all for show and rather useless. His t shirt was less so. It was a half shirt and it showed abs hard enough to grate gundanium. I doubt the man had a spare inch of flesh anywhere on his body. His strong legs looked as if he ran marathons every day, and his shoes looked ready for a long hike. His loose hair was caught back in a red bandana, the end strands tangling already. I would have liked to say that I matched, that I looked as capable and dangerous... yes, and as damned hot as he was, but I had opted for... comfortable.

"If you want me to change, I will." It came out sounding petulant. I felt stupid and over sensitive. He was mine, after all, and that wasn't going to change just because I wasn't a tip top gundam pilot anymore... and older... and wearing cut off jeans, a flowered resort shirt, and an old pair of sandals.

He grabbed me, putting his arms around me and cupping my ass. Looking into my eyes, he grinned. "I know what's UNDER the clothes, so they don't really matter," he told me. "I just can't get used to Casual Heero, that's all, even after these years. It makes me happy, you know? I like how relaxed and comfortable you are with yourself... with life."

Life together had become very comfortable. I only wished that our public lives were as well. I didn't say that, though, as I kissed him and replied, "As long as you aren't ashamed of being seen with me?"

He frowned and took that seriously. "I will never be ashamed of you," he told me earnestly and held me tighter. Then he was taking my hand and snagging a small bag from a chair. "Enough talk!" he exclaimed impatiently. "If we don't hurry, we'll miss our reservation."

Reserving a hike in the 'natural preserve' was necessary. We were guaranteed privacy, a quiet walk, a stunning waterfall and swimming pool, and a prepared picnic for two hours.

"Relax," I told him as I pulled back on Duo's hand and made him walk, through the hallways. He rolled eyes at me and then slowed his steps as if it was a supreme effort.

"Duo Maxwell, I'm sure of it!" a voice said as we passed. Duo grimaced and we both decided not to turn and look.

"The hair...."


"What's he doing here?"

"Who the hell..."

"Holding hands, for Christ's sake!"


"Why can't he be single...?"

"Wouldn't be here if he was..."

"Are you sure that's Duo Maxwell?"

"Heero Yuy?"

"I didn't know they were together..."

"If we had more public displays like that, things would be easier for all of us..."

"Get a picture!"

"It was bound to happen," Duo said and I nodded.

"That's why we have a lot of private things scheduled," I replied and held his hand tighter.

"I thought this place was a more open minded about things," Duo grumbled as we found the right hall leading to the preserve.

"Idiots are everywhere," I replied as I fumbled in a pocket for our reservation chips.

"He'd have to be really stupid to reserve a vacation in a place like this, if he felt that way, though," Duo snorted.

"Supremely stupid," I agreed.

I checked my watch. We were a few minutes late, but we had fifteen before they cancelled our reservations. It was plenty of time.

"Someone is following us," Duo said tightly.

I didn't turn. I simply listened. Footsteps were out of rhythm with ours and definitely coming after us. "A confused tourist?" I wondered hopefully. There wasn't any reason for anyone to be in that particular hall unless they did have a reservation for the preserve.

"I'll give directions, then, forcefully," Duo growled and we turned as one.

The young girl who flew into his arms, didn't realize how close she was to dying. I saw Duo stiffen under her weight, soldier mode clear in his eyes, and my hands reached out to grab him, to stop him from doing the unthinkable, as I shouted, "No!"

Duo grabbed the girl around the waist, and pried her off of him in a tumble of frilly skirts, jingling bangles and necklaces, and flying blonde hair. Her perfume was over powering, bubble gum and flowers, and her face was over done and too adult for her age. Her three friends were more cautious, all eyes and nervous cries.

"I love you!" the girl in Duo's arms cried out, as she fought to keep her hold on him. "Can I have your autograph, please!"

Her friends joined in the chorus, never seeing how pale and tense Duo was, and how we were both catching our breaths. He said something that didn't make sense and then recovered his charm. "Of course, but, next time, please remember not to scare a poor Preventer agent half to death, okay?"

The all apologized, looking mortified. Duo gave them his one hundred watt smile and began signing whatever they held out to him, including one girl's arm. I let up on the death grip I had on Duo's arm, certain that I had left bruises, to let him do that, and had time to glance at my watch again. We had somehow time warped and our fifteen minutes were almost up.

"Duo! Our reservations!" I shouted at him.

The last autographed paper that he held went flying to the owner and, while that girl squealed in delight, Duo whipped around, gab the chips from my hand, and ran for the wall console, at the end of the hall, as if Earth and Outer Space depended on it. The girls and I watched in awe as his hair streamed out behind him and his body flexed and drove him forward like a cheetah with a good wind behind its tail. He slammed up against the wall, unable to stop his momentum, and shoved our chips into the console with seconds to spare. The green light was a welcoming glow and the opening hatch even more welcome.

"Sorry, girls, vacation calls! Come on love!" he shouted at me and waved as he leaned against the wall, panting.

The girls shot jealous looks at me as I hurried to the end of the hall and pulled Duo through the door. When it closed tightly behind us, and we were facing a rugged, forested terrain, and a startled, ten point buck, I laughed.

"What?" Duo groused as the buck darted into the trees.

"You ran from little girls," I snickered.

"Did not," Duo retorted. "I was saving our reservation."

"You didn't go back to them," I pointed out. "so, you were definitely running away."

"Was not," Duo replied.

I arched an eyebrow at him and then he shrugged and laughed. "Okay, maybe I was, but you were pretty quick to follow my lead."

"I was," I agreed, but then looked him up and down critically. "Next time, that we go out, I think that you should wear a disguise."

"What sort?" Duo wanted to know, his eyes on the artificial horizon of snow capped mountains.

"Dark sunglasses and maybe a mylar jogging suit," I suggested.

"Sunglasses sound good," Duo replied as he hooked an arm around me and chose a rocky path to take. "No mylar, though, I'm allergic to 'old fart' clothes."

I frowned. "I do have one of those, you realize?"

"I know," Duo replied as if my lack of fashion sense was something that he was used to putting up with.

"I could have suggested that you cut your hair," I said sourly, "but I didn't. Now you repay me by insulting my mylar."

"You love my hair," Duo purred and made it swing around us in a cinnamon cloak. The sun caught it and made fiery highlights and I found myself mesmerized. "See?" Duo said triumphantly. "You are totally turned on, aren't you?"

I frowned. "My hair fetish doesn't get you off the hook for insulting my clothes."

"It doesn't?" Duo waggled eyebrows at me.

I laughed, as much as I tried not to. "Maybe it does," I replied and took a handful of it and let it sift through my hands. "You are more than your hair, though, love of mine, and I am more than my clothes, hopefully?"

"With or without clothes, you're still mine," Duo snickered, "but I do like you out of them the best."

"With or without hair, you're still damned handsome... and still mine, forever," I told him, "Even if you do come with a troop of Preventer agents and a herd of squealing fans."

He sighed and rolled eyes. "You're just as much a hero as I am. I don't know why you don't have your own fans," he said as he walked a bit ahead to look at a flower. The sun caressed his muscles, his handsome face, and that long, swaying hair. I knew why, but it didn't bother me. He deserved it all and more.



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